Our History

The very first distribution group since 2001 formerly known as City Deli Distributions, serving San Francisco people with quality food and delightful products. Through the years, we've served San Francisco consumers with the best meat & cheese.

Now that we're getting bigger, we aim to take a step further and get involved and support new bigger sources like new bigger markets and better products.

Our Mission & Vision

Food is a renewable commodity. Present consumers will not stop looking for different sources of food because quality and style of food is entertaining as well as functional that leads to creating a positive influence in the communities we serve wherever we are.

We understand the needs of the market in San Francisco, so we ensure that consumers have the best and tasteful food on their table and make life easier, as we provide our retailers with competent products and reliable services. We provide best quality food possible and be the customer’s preferred choice.

We are ready to serve and deliver your order